AI Shorts Generator

Bulk Create Youtube & Tiktok Shorts in Minutes!

…NO Monthly Fees!


Youtube Shorts, Tiktok and Facebook Reels are the best & easiest opportunity to generate traffic to your offers… FAST!

In just a few hours you can get your first clicks to your offers.

The Biggest Problem With Creating Shorts

Consistency. You will need to upload 3-5 shorts every single day to build your channel & traffic.

This takes a LOT more time than you think!

Even with all the AI tools available at this time, it still takes too long to create short videos.

What If I Told You…

There is a new tool in town… called AI Shorts Generator?

In mere MINUTES it can create 10s or even 100s of shorts for you with UNIQUE content, complete with background music and a background video, and a call to action to YOUR offer or service.

What is AI Shorts Generator?

It’s a hybrid of inhouse tools that generate youtube shorts as fast as possible, without compromising on quality.

Just follow the steps in the tutorial!

What Do You Need?

You need an OpenAI API key + Canva Pro.